Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kinds of Spirits

Armagnac - France brandy

Bourbon - American whiskey, Kentucky


Cognac - brandy from Cognac region in France


Gin - from juniper berries







Whisky - from barley, rye, wheat, and maize (corn)

Other Kinds of Wine - Fortified, Sparkling, Cider

Fortified Wine:
 1.  Madeira - Portugal
 2.  Port - Douro Valley in Portugal
 3.  Tawny Port
 4.  Sherry - Jerez, Spain

Sparkling Wine:
 1.  Cava - Spain
 2.  Champagne - France
 3.  Brut
 4.  Moscato d'Asti - Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo in Italy
 5.  Prosecco - Veneto, Italy
 6.  Sparkling Pink
 7.  Sparkling Red
 8.  Sparkling White

Other Wines, Cider:
- Rose Wine
- Fruit Wines
- Cider
- Sake
- Coconut Wine or Lambanog - Philippines
- Rice Wine or Tapey - Philippines

Kinds of White Wine

Albariño/Alvarinho - Galicia, Spain

Chablis - Burgundy, France


Chardonnay, Unoaked

Chenin Blanc or Pineau de la Loire or Steen - France, South Africa

Gewurztraminer - Germany

Grüner Veltliner - Austria, Czech Republic

Muscadet - France

Muscat or Moscatel or Muscatel - Portugal, Spain

Pinot Blanc - Alsace, Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary

Pinot Grigio - Italy

Pinot Gris

Riesling - Germany, Alsace region of France

Sauvignon Blanc - Bordeaux region, France

Semillon - France and Australia

Soave - Veneto, Verona, Italy

Torrontes - Argentina

Vidal - US and Canada

Vinho Verde - Minho region, Portugal


Kinds of Red Wine

Amarone - Veneto, Italy

Baco Noir

Barbaresco - Piedmont, Italy

Barbera - Italy

Barolo - Piedmont,

Beaujolais - France

Bordeaux-Left Bank

Bordeaux-Right Bank


Burgundy - Burgundy, France

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Sauvignon



Carmenere - Médoc, Bordeaux, France

Chianti - Tuscany, Italy



GSM - blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre




Montepulciano - Tuscany, Italy

Mourvedre or Mataro or Monastrell

Nebbiolo - Piedmont, Italy

Nero d'Avola - Sicily

Petit Verdot

Petite Sirah

Pinot Noir

Pinotage - South Africa

Red Blend



Rioja - Rio Oja, Spain


Sangiovese - Italy

Shiraz or Syrah

Tempranillo - Spain

Touriga Nacional - Portugal

Valpolicella - Verona, Italy

Zinfandel - California

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bike Gear-Changing System, Torque and Speed

Left Handle Bar gear shifting (TORQUE sprockets attached to pedal):

1 - smallest pedal sprocket - lowest diameter, lowest torque
2 - medium pedal sprocket
3 - largest pedal sprocket - highest diameter, highest torque

Right Handle Bar gear shifting (SPEED sprockets attached to rear wheel):

7 - smallest rear sprocket (fastest speed)
1 - largest rear sprocket (slowest speed)

Personal favorite configuration:

Left handle bar gear position :  3 - High Torque
Right handle bar gear position: 7 - High Speed

* In this setting, I accelerate faster, I apply a decent force on the pedal and gain speed faster.

Friday, December 14, 2012


List of Professional Major League Football Teams in the USA and Canada

National Football League (NFL) is the professional major league American football in the USA.


American Football Conference

 Buffalo Bills
 Miami Dolphins
 New England Patriots
 New York Jets

 Baltimore Ravens
 Cincinnati Bengals
 Cleveland Browns
 Pittsburgh Steelers

 Houston Texans
 Indianapolis Colts
 Jacksonville Jaguars
 Tennessee Titans

 Denver Broncos
 Kansas City Chiefs
 Oakland Raiders
 San Diego Chargers

National Football Conference

 Dallas Cowboys
 New York Giants
 Philadelphia Eagles
 Washington Redskins

 Chicago Bears
 Detroit Lions
 Green Bay Packers
 Minnesota Vikings

 Atlanta Falcons
 Carolina Panthers
 New Orleans Saints
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 Arizona Cardinals
 St. Louis Rams
 San Francisco 49ers
 Seattle Seahawks


Canadian Football League (CFL) is the professional major league Canadian football in Canada.


East Division:
 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
 Montreal Alouettes
 Toronto Argonauts
 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

West Division:
 BC Lions
 Calgary Stampeders
 Edmonton Eskimos
 Saskatchewan Roughriders


List of Major League Baseball (MLB) Teams in USA and Canada

The Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball league which has 29 teams in the USA and 1 team in Canada for a total of 30 teams.


American League

East Division:
 Baltimore Orioles
 Boston Red Sox
 New York Yankees
 Tampa Bay Rays
 Toronto Blue Jays

Central Division:
 Chicago White Sox
 Cleveland Indians
 Detroit Tigers
 Kansas City Royals
 Minnesota Twins

West Division:
 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
 Oakland Athletics
 Seattle Mariners
 Texas Rangers

National League

East Division:   
 Atlanta Braves
 Florida Marlins
 New York Mets
 Philadelphia Phillies
 Washington Nationals

Central Division:
 Chicago Cubs
 Cincinnati Reds
 Houston Astros
 Milwaukee Brewers
 Pittsburgh Pirates
 St. Louis Cardinals

West Division:
 Arizona Diamondbacks
 Colorado Rockies
 Los Angeles Dodgers
 San Diego Padres
 San Francisco Giants

List of Major League Soccer (MLS) Teams in USA and Canada

Major League Soccer (MLS) is a professional soccer league with a total of 16 teams of which 15 are in the USA and 1 in Canada.


Eastern Conference
 Chicago Fire
 Columbus Crew
 D.C. United
 Kansas City Wizards
 New England Revolution
 New York Red Bulls
 Philadelphia Union
 Toronto FC

Western Conference
 C.D. Chivas USA
 Colorado Rapids
 FC Dallas
 Houston Dynamo
 Los Angeles Galaxy
 Real Salt Lake
 San Jose Earthquakes
 Seattle Sounders FC

Future teams:
 Portland Timbers
 Vancouver Whitecaps FC
 Montreal Impact


List of National Basketball Association (NBA) Teams in USA and Canada

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league which has 29 teams in the USA and 1 team in Canada for a total of 30 teams.


Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division:
 Boston Celtics
 New Jersey Nets
 New York Knicks
 Philadelphia 76ers
 Toronto Raptors

Central Division:
 Chicago Bulls
 Cleveland Cavaliers
 Detroit Pistons
 Indiana Pacers
 Milwaukee Bucks

Southeast Division:
 Atlanta Hawks
 Charlotte Bobcats
 Miami Heat
 Orlando Magic
 Washington Wizards

Western Conference

Northwest Division:
 Denver Nuggets
 Minnesota Timberwolves
 Oklahoma City Thunder
 Portland Trail Blazers
 Utah Jazz

Pacific Division:
 Golden State Warriors
 Los Angeles Clippers
 Los Angeles Lakers
 Phoenix Suns
 Sacramento Kings

Southwest Division:
 Dallas Mavericks
 Houston Rockets
 Memphis Grizzlies
 New Orleans Hornets
 San Antonio Spurs


List of National Hockey League (NHL) Teams in USA and Canada

The National Hockey League (NHL) is a major professional ice hockey league with a total of 30 teams of which 24 are in the USA and 6 teams in Canada.


Eastern Conference

Northeast Division:
 Boston Bruins
 Buffalo Sabres
 Montreal Canadiens
 Ottawa Senators
 Toronto Maple Leafs

Atlantic Division:
 New Jersey Devils
 New York Islanders
 New York Rangers
 Philadelphia Flyers
 Pittsburgh Penguins

Southeast Division:
 Atlanta Thrashers
 Carolina Hurricanes
 Florida Panthers
 Tampa Bay Lightning
 Washington Capitals

Western Conference   

Northwest Division:
 Calgary Flames
 Colorado Avalanche
 Edmonton Oilers
 Minnesota Wild
 Vancouver Canucks

Central Division:
 Chicago Blackhawks
 Columbus Blue Jackets
 Detroit Red Wings
 Nashville Predators
 St. Louis Blues

Pacific    Division:
 Anaheim Ducks
 Dallas Stars
 Los Angeles Kings
 Phoenix Coyotes
 San Jose Sharks


Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to find directions North, South, East, West by using Sun, Shadow, and Star method

These times we have maps, compass, GPS, and other instruments to help us to navigate day or night in our outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, scouting, fishing, etc. However, there may be times when we need to find directions (especially lost in the woods out there, nowhere and in survival situations) and we don't have any direction-finding tools and devices available in hand. This is where the Shadow Stick method during the day time will be useful. In this method, remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Also, the sun casts a shadow in the opposite direction. In the northern hemisphere, shadows move clockwise while in the southern hemisphere, shadows move counterclockwise. The Shadow Stick method works everywhere on Earth, any point in the world. During the night time, the Star method is used to determine the directions depending on which hemisphere you are on the earth. This method uses the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia constellations in the northern hemisphere and the Southern Cross or Crux constellation in the southern hemisphere.

How to find directions North, South, East, West during day time by using Shadow Stick Method:

1. Find a 1 foot  to 1 1/2 foot (12 inches to 18 inches) straight stick. You can get this on the ground or from branches, bushes, or twigs.

2. Under direct sunlight, erect the stick in an upright, vertical position in the ground. The stick should cast a shadow.
Fig. 1.

3. Mark the end point (tip) of the shadow with a small stick, stone, pebble or similar objects for marking the starting point. This point is along the Westward direction.

4. Remember that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Also, shadows move in the opposite direction to the movement of the light source (in this case, the Sun). Therefore, the shadow of the stick will move in the Eastward direction while the sun will move in the Westward direction. 

5. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes. If you are lost in the middle of nowhere in the woods or jungle, you can use this time to think and figure out plans on how to get to the nearest village, city or any sign of civilization with people present. Think also of other alternatives to find your way back home.

6. Come back to the stick. Mark the second end point or tip of the shadow with a marker. This point is an Eastward point.
Fig. 2.

7. Remove the stick that you placed in the ground.
Fig. 3.

8. Draw a straight line between the two markers to connect the two points. This is the West-East line.
Fig. 4.

9. At the midpoint of the West-East line, draw a perpendicular line, this will be the North-South line. Remember that when you are standing with your left foot on the West marker and your right foot on the East marker, you will be facing North, and your back is South.
Fig. 5.

10. Now that you know where is the North, South, East, and West directions, you can work out your plans.

How to find directions North, South, East, West at night time by using Big Dipper and Cassiopeia (Northern Hemisphere):

1. The shadow stick method is effective during day time wherever you are on planet Earth. However, at night time, this method is ineffective. Without maps, compass, GPS devices, or smartphones with GPS, you can still find directions by using the Star method.

2. When you are located on the Northern Hemisphere (north of equator), example are countries in Europe, North America, Central America and Caribbean, and most of Asia, you can use the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia constellations of stars to find your directions.

3. Imagine a straight line from the two stars at the "bucket edge" of the Big Dipper to the North Star or Polaris.

4. Imagine a straight line from the middle star of the Cassiopeia constellation (shaped like a W). This line will point to the North Star.
Fig. 6.

5. Establish the other directions as shown on the picture.

How to find directions North, South, East, West at night time by using Southern Cross, Crux (Southern Hemisphere):

1. As mentioned above, the shadow stick method is a good method to find directions during the day anywhere and everywhere you are in the world, regardless of which hemisphere you are, Northern or Southern.

2. When you are located on the Southern Hemisphere (south of equator), examples are Australia, most countries in South America and southern half of Africa, Asian islands of southern Indonesia and East Timor, and the continent Antarctica, you can use the Southern Cross or Crux constellation of stars to find your directions.

3. Imagine a line connecting the "longer side of the cross". At about five times the distance between the two stars specified (see illustration), establish an imaginary point and project this point directly downwards to a South marker or landmark (can be a tree, hill, mountain, big rock, etc.).

4. Facing the Southern Cross constellation, you are facing the South. The North is therefore behind you. Your left side is the East and your right side is the West.
Fig. 7.     

Finding Direction by Shadow Stick Method

1-First point is WEST.
2-Second point is EAST.
3-Remove the stick.
4-Connect West to East line.
5-Draw perpendicular line at midpoint of West-East line.

Using the North Star (Polaris) and Big Dipper for Northern Hemisphere direction finding:


Using the Southern Cross constellation for Southern Hemisphere direction finding: